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7 Things That Inevitably Happen to Your Personal Life When You Get Sober

He has since taken to sharing and celebrating his sobriety milestones on social media. What I’ve learned is that the only thing I can control in any given situation is myself. At first, this drove me crazy; I wanted things the way I wanted them, and when that didn’t happen, I quickly became frustrated, upset […]

12 Step Recovery Evolution Listen to Podcasts On Demand Free

You have the people in Gaza who run the show there, and then they have people from their more political operations who are based in other parts of the Middle East. There’s a number of them who are in Beirut. There’s a number of them who are in Qatar. Under Speaker McCarthy’s leadership, our […]

Abstinence Violation Effect AVE definition Psychology Glossary

It occurs when the client perceives no intermediary step between a lapse and relapse i.e. since they have violated the rule of abstinence, “they may get most out” of the lapse5. People who attribute the lapse to their own personal failure are likely to experience guilt and negative emotions that can, in turn, lead to […]